Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Proposed Syllabus For "Dating and Sex in China" Course

Well... I don't think that such course would make its way to the academic institutions.

But there are, for sure, many people who are intrigued by the cultural differences when it comes to the topic of dating and sex in China.

Here is the string of 5 posts which can serve as the introduction into this "minefield" ;-)

First, you might read the following post from the blog of American expatriate who discovered that her Chinese friend has very vague ideas about sex.  

The second stop in our syllabus would be the guest post from my blog written by a British Chinese who was puzzled by contradicting signals he was getting from a Chinese female student. 

Now it's time to get some answers, and first it will be dome in graphic form. Read this humorous article from ChinaHush explaining the courtship dynamics in China.  

Then you can proceed to the in-depth report about dating etiquette and the consequences of virginity loss in Chinese society. 

And before making your own field trials" you might want to check few more examples about sex in Chinese countryside.

Congratulations! You are promoted to advanced level now :-)

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