Friday, October 8, 2010

Planting Baby Corals With Beautiful Chinese Girls...

Strange title, right? What could it mean? 

I guess the same question asked himself Ben - the guy who last year won in the competition "Best Job In The World" - when he was reading the itinerary of his visit to Hainan island.

But there was no mistake...

Someone in China decided to follow the footsteps of Queensland Tourism and promote Hainan Island. However, the future "ambassador" of tourism in Hainan is chosen among Chinese girls only. Currently 6 finalists left (the winner will be announced in November).

Ben was invited as a guest for some promotional activity, and one of the items in his schedule was teaching 6 beauties to ‘plant’ baby corals to the bottom of the sea!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and make your guess who will be the winner ;-)

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