Monday, January 24, 2011

Comics: Average Asian Aging Process

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chinese chess babes

There are so many lists of beautiful Chinese girls.
But the problem with most of such lists is that the only thing that you can tell about those girls is that they are beautiful (and that's it). In best case, they can be famous actresses and one can argue how much of their professional success derives from the fact that they are beautiful. 

Well, I want to present a different list - list of Chinese girls who are not just pretty, but also smart.

Each of the girls below is successful chess player, which actually makes them famous in the first place. As for them being beautiful or not - you are the judge.

1.  Gu Xiaobing has a title of WGM (woman grandmaster):

2. Ju Wenjun - also Woman Grandmaster. She is 19 years old. Currently she is number 3 in the world among female players under 20 y.o. 
She is current holder of Women's Chinese Championship title.

3. Shen Yang, another Woman Grandmaster who preceded Ju Wenjun as Chinese Women's Champion.

4. Zhang Xiaowen. Guess what? She is also Woman Grandmaster.
And she is the winner of 2009 Asian Women's Continental Individual Championship.

5. Zhu Chen. She is Gradnmaster. Not Woman's grandmaster, but just grandmaster - which is a higher rank. And that's understandable, since in the years 2001 - 2004 she was the Women's World Champion! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taiwanese internet beauties

Below are the pictures of 10 girls from Taiwan who participated in popularity contest on QQ (in 2010).
Though you already cannot cast your vote, you can still enjoy the photos :-)


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nee Hao Magazine Revamped

What is Nee Hao magazine?

As the site's "About" page says:

NEE HAO is an arts, culture and life magazine which appeals to anyone interested in British Chinese culture.

Although it was initially  launched in 2005, recently it has been revamped in new format, and here is their current address -->

I liked their collection of stories, videos and pictures reflecting the news about China and British Chinese.

Also because of the fact that the last post connects with the thematics of my blog. It is the first part of 5 part series about "Chinese Girl in Western World". Read the first part here, and stay tuned for the continuation.

Monday, January 3, 2011

White, Black and Yellow: The Three Bears Effect

Very interesting term invented Aiyo - a black British girl - to describe the racial thinking of white people, when they compare themselves with Black and Asians.

The three bear’s effect <...> is what happens when you have three individuals two of which are at polar opposite extreme and the third one is perfect because they are just in the middle they are “Just Right.”Let’s look at The 3 bears effect in a racial and gender aspect, by putting up three different race black white and East/South East Asians Racialized-masculinity helps keep white supremacist views working. Just Look at the stereotypes that exist for Black men and Yellow men they are at polar opposites.

Black men-Masculine, Hyper sexual, physically strong, mentally slow.
(Basically what you see in almost every rap video, every tvshow/movie or other etc.)

Asian Men- Asexual, effeminate, physically weak, (or strong but in a ancient martial arts way) mentally advanced.
(What you see in many movies and why an Asian male is harldy the lead male role.)

These are all stereotypes, whether you view them positive or not they are stereotypes which can be harmful whether they are seen as positive or not and they work in favour of white men. So then in comes White men having the best of both they are seen being strong as well as smart and having a healthy sexuality.

Another blogger (Julian Abagond) took the relay and continued the comparisons.

It works so well in America that in most cases you can tell what the Asian stereotype will be by taking the opposite of the black one:

  • If blacks are cool, then Asians are nerdy.
  • If black women are disagreeable, overbearing and loud, then Asian women are sweet, submissive and quiet.
  • If blacks are lazy, then Asians are hard working.
  • If blacks have a lower IQ than whites, then Asians have a higher one.
  • If blacks have a higher poverty rate than whites, then Asians have a lower one.
  • If blacks have less education than whites, then Asians have more.
  • If black women are “mannish”, then Asian women are “ultra-feminine”.