Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chinese chess babes

There are so many lists of beautiful Chinese girls.
But the problem with most of such lists is that the only thing that you can tell about those girls is that they are beautiful (and that's it). In best case, they can be famous actresses and one can argue how much of their professional success derives from the fact that they are beautiful. 

Well, I want to present a different list - list of Chinese girls who are not just pretty, but also smart.

Each of the girls below is successful chess player, which actually makes them famous in the first place. As for them being beautiful or not - you are the judge.

1.  Gu Xiaobing has a title of WGM (woman grandmaster):

2. Ju Wenjun - also Woman Grandmaster. She is 19 years old. Currently she is number 3 in the world among female players under 20 y.o. 
She is current holder of Women's Chinese Championship title.

3. Shen Yang, another Woman Grandmaster who preceded Ju Wenjun as Chinese Women's Champion.

4. Zhang Xiaowen. Guess what? She is also Woman Grandmaster.
And she is the winner of 2009 Asian Women's Continental Individual Championship.

5. Zhu Chen. She is Gradnmaster. Not Woman's grandmaster, but just grandmaster - which is a higher rank. And that's understandable, since in the years 2001 - 2004 she was the Women's World Champion! 


  1. Taking a photo with a chess board is easy, if the girl could beat me in chess I would be impressed..

  2. Wow. They are hot! Tells me I should've practice more at chess, rather than letting my brother become the provincial champion.

  3. They are not just posing with chessboard ;-)

  4. Having woman grandmaster and grandmaster as separate categories is just ridiculous.