Sunday, January 16, 2011

Taiwanese internet beauties

Below are the pictures of 10 girls from Taiwan who participated in popularity contest on QQ (in 2010).
Though you already cannot cast your vote, you can still enjoy the photos :-)



  1. Wow, I want a Taiwanese gf :3
    Do you notice they look a lot like Japanese girls?
    Its probably because many Chinese and Japanese mixed during the Japanese occupation. Also, mainland China is much more diverse, Taiwan is more homogenous.

  2. ...heading up an escalator to visit my Cantonese sales buddy in the crowded, super busy DFS WAIKIKI, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA,I listen to layers of languages; Thai,Cantonese,Hangul,Urdu, Australian,or is it New Zealander English? There's French, and, of course, Mandarin. I actively target my ears to several steps back down the escalator. Trendy fashion-clad. Pretty. Well mannered. Regardless,I'm never impressed by those doll-like, or make-up girl appearances. I worked with a Taiwanese girl once. We attended the UH-Manoa and she enjoyed swimming. Wow,she was a real, sportsy girl swimming in the pool at her apartment complex and even the Hawaii beaches. She is so pretty, curvacious too. Her Singaporean (Chinese) friend was in one of my classes and she was extremely attractive too, but married. Well, my Taiwanese-hottie-swimmer 'friend' was always ridiculed by other Taiwanese female college students! She can dress up just like those "fashion" girls, drove a red BMW 325, but wasn't using brand names to define herself.You actually see her as a person and not a brand name , walking hanger. Yoh, Taiwan ladies? Any of you into archery, do you train with other girls and guys in the many MMA academies throughout Taiwan, any of you silently warming up for an all-women's basketball team practice and outside your school's gym it is raining very hard, any Taiwanese girl just beat up a lower grade boy who's been bullying your little sister,yes, let's see those competitive girly faces of a female drifters (racers too), any half Taiwanese/ half aboriginal girls in the house who can maneuver her 4-wheel drive vehicle through the Taiwanese jungles. Wow, from Keelung to Love River, you real Taiwan ladies are out there! Yeah, I met two. One was a swimmer. The other, she was into cross country running. The runner became my girl. I'm not even Chinese. anyway, I think one of the hottest girls is Lara from Nan Chuan Mama! God Bless Taiwan! PEACE!

  3. Number 3?
    You mean with a little bit blonde hair?