Monday, October 4, 2010

Is Her Voice Really Irritating?

Hmm... maybe it's because I know Chinese - so when I hear someone talking/singing, I pay attention at WHAT they say rather than HOW they say? But here is something that happened yesterday and made me listen to one song in a different way.

I was listening to Guang Liang on laptop. My boyfriend (who doesn't speak Chinese) was sitting in another room. Then he came and stood behind my back looking at the laptop's screen. After the song finished I turned to him and was very surprised with his facial expression. It was an expression of strong displeasure.

I couldn't understand why. Actually, though he doesn't understand the lyrics - he likes Chinese music (and Guang Liang as well) very much. So I asked him what he was thinking about?

He said: "My god, how can the guy fall in love with that girl? It is such a torture to listen to her voice... Feels like nail scratching glass!"


Well... listen and decide yourself...



  1. Ummm... actually many Chinese girls sound like that