Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Body Language (by Example of Edison Chen)

The photo scandal of Edison Chen - prominent figure in Hong Kong entertainment industry -is old "news". If, however, you don't know this juicy story - check it here. And for those who don't want to waste their time to read it - the summary is: Edison Chen had a private collection of intimate pictures of himself with different celebrity women. These pictures leaked to internet in 2008 and became a source of police investigation.

I am posting the video below not because of the content. My purpose is totally different. It so happened that today I stumbled upon this link and the video itself played for a while without sound.  

And it was quite entertaining to see the mimics of the actor(!) who couldn't help displaying so many signals of someone who is embarrassed (and possibly lying). If you want to watch a good "lab" on body language course - go no further and play this video with sound off (later you can repeat it with sound on - and compare your feeling when you watch the person and hear him simultaneously).   

The action starts at 0:20

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