Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guru of Chinese Blogosphere

If you have a blog in English language which is somehow related to China, most chances are that you have registered it in Chinalyst directory (which aggregates different blogs about China). 

And as with any site there is a person behind Chinalyst as well. His name is Gilad but he is better known to fellow bloggers as Fili (not coincidentally he is that same Fili who runs Fili's world).

Few months ago I had a pleasure to meet Fili in face in Tel-Aviv. He came back to Israel for summer holidays from Hong Kong (where he pursues his PhD in management).

I was very happy to meet someone whom I already "knew" before in a virtual way. As I expected Fili appeared to be a lively and pleasant guy. I, however, couldn't know that he is also a very humble and kind person who is always ready to help others. 

Actually, when one month ago I had a problem with my blog being suspended for technical problems - he didn't spare his time to give me some very helpful advices. Thanks!

If you visit Fili's world you will pay attention that its author runs not less than 15 other internet projects - most of which are community websites. Many of them are related to mainland China, Taiwan and HongKong.

Life's Taiwanderful


It's HongKong and other

So - if you consider to create some kind of community website related to China - don't forget to contact the guru of Chinese blogosphere - Fili.





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