Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yellow Fever, Foreign Moons

This is the name of blog with a very promising subtitle - "A BLOG ABOUT TAIWANESE/WESTERN SEX AND ROMANCE"

Yesterday Gilad (the founder of Fili's world) sent me a link to this interesting site.

I really liked what I saw!

It's not some regurgitation of gossips that you can find everywhere else on Web, but collection of original articles written by different columnists. 

Not only that - the whole design of this site is very appealing and each article is accompanied with authentic drawings.

As for the content itself - you can judge about it from the list of the following links:

WHAT’S UP WITH THIS? Cross-cultural Confusion and Criticism

INTERVIEW: A Westerner’s View of More “Open” Taiwanese Girls

(“If a guy isn’t bad, a girl won’t love him.”) What’s your comment on this idea? 

Thursday August 12th 8月12日 星期四 Q&A : Building a Better Mousetrap? (You'll never guess what this post is about before you read it...)

Finding Mr Right (and Occasionally, Mr. Right Now) 

The Lady is a Tramp?

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