Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dating Game in China Takes No Prisoners

When I read through multiple posts about dating in China, I sometimes think that marriage is only for rich (and thus the small) part of Chinese population.

The material requirements for young lovers (and mainly for guys) who want to tie the knot are so high that one can only wonder whether there is a golden middle between "naked" wedding and the price tag calculated in this curious article.   

Today I found yet another post talking about the same problem. Its "hero" Qiang has a serious dilemma:

he can’t afford the expensive price tag on a new apartment... What’s Qiang supposed to do? He obviously loves his girl, but he’s faced with a true impasse. He can either borrow the money needed for the down payment on his future apartment, putting him in debt and causing him to lose face in front of his girlfriend’s family, or Qiang can abandon his love and his life plan for this young lady. He is between a rock and one helluva heartbreak.

This dating game in China takes no prisoners.

Wish that neither of my readers face such heart-breaking dilemmas.

Crystal Tao



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  1. It is such a crappy place to be. Its a situation that seems to be getting worse, rather than better. Great blog post.