Monday, March 7, 2011

Jewish Men Are Running Off To Chinese

Today I stumbled upon an interesting YouTube video - interview with the reality show celebrity Josie Goldberg.

Actually, the whole interview is quite entertaining, but I specifically was intrigued by the part starting somewhere around 5:25, where Josie is talking about Jewish men (and women) that "when they go out of their race, they run off to Chinese".

I wouldn't pay much attention to her comment, but it came just a week after my fellow blogger's eye-catching post "Are Jewish Women More Likely to Marry Chinese Men?"

And then you start counting:

Priscilla Chan / Mark Zuckerberg

Zhang Ziyi / Aviv Nevo).

Crystal Tao [me] / Eugene [my fiance] :-)

Maybe Josie is right?


Little information I gathered about Josie Goldberg while preparing this post:

She posted a profile on (the site for Jewish dating) in which she complained about her jerk ex-boyfriend and his "cheap mannerisms".

Her profile caught attention of one TV director who invited Josie to reality show "Farmer wants a wife" from which she was eliminated.

From there she proceeded to be featured in one of Playboy's issues.

And now she is kind-of-celebrity.

Her website is


  1. I wouldn't be too surprised about the mutual attraction between Jews and Chinese (applies to both genders, but esp. Jewish guys and Chinese girls). Being a strongly observant Jewish guy myself, I have frequently found myself in that impossible position: being attracted to a people whose culture and values are quite similar to mine. Common stereotypical thinking places both Jews and Chinese as smart, ambitious, business-minded, family-oriented and sticking-with-their-kind. For me, that attraction is basically impossible to pursue due to religious incompatibility (think food, e.g.), which doesn't seem to apply to your fiancé. Even unobservant Jews seem to retain a lot of the typically Jewish character traits for at least a generation or two, despite lacking in the religious ledger which is responsible for most of said characteristics. It's probably in our DNA... :)

    - 3jay

  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective :-)

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  6. My background is chinese, and to be honest, the chinese are often as proud of their cultural heritage as they are dismissive of other traditions (that may for instance put less emphasis on hard work and study, etc). However, one culture that the chinese tend to admire and be fascinated by is the jewish culture. It is something about the combination of tradition, work ethics, family values, and supreme achievement. There are few cultures the chinese would put on the same level as their own, but I from what I am seeing, they have this level of respect for the jewish culture. There are not many cultures with a millennia old history, and there is a natural kind of understanding between those who have.

  7. Bro, your sites are just full of disinfo, first you claim that chinese men dont do chore are lazy, then you claim that our women are running off to jewish men when its completely the other way around. Why are there polls for jewish women that married Chinese men extremely high, 3rd to Irish and Anglo Saxons. And second if Chinse men are lazy, why are we producing the worlds goods? hmmm i wonder

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