Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to advertise Chinese dating sites on Youtube

You judge if this ad is good or not.

On one hand it is clearly amateurish, on another hand it exploits the social media channels which by itself is not bad.

By the way, if anyone saw other video-ads of Chinese dating sites, please let me know.


  1. I am very confused. Is this some mail order bride site? Crystal, I thought you and many other Chinese women would be against sites like this, because it plays into the stereotype of submissive behaving asian women looking for western husbands so they can get a green card. Id rather be single than resort to a site like this. For the sake of my own dignity and the dignity of of those women. I don't quite understand your opinion on the issue of intercultural marriages.

  2. Oh, sorry. I only now saw your comment here.
    To say the truth, I find this video funny. Nothing more. I really don't take it seriously.

  3. you can't take the video seriously after 1:10, it was straight out of 生化危机, 啊哈哈哈。